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Roy Lloyd Vehicle Hire knows that there are many costs that arise as a result of an accident that are not necessarily covered by Insurance. Uninsured Loss Recovery is a specialist service that assists clients in claiming back costs and expenses that may have arisen as a result of your motor vehicle accident.

As part of an overall solution, Roy Lloyd will assist you with claiming costs and expenses that include:

Loss of Earnings
Our expert team will contact your employer to gather all necessary information and calculate you loss of earnings. Bonuses and regular overtime will be included within the calculation.

Insurance Policy Excess
Insurers will generally charge an excess whether you were at fault or not. As a not at fault driver our team will assist you in recovering this excess. Also through our credit repair service we can assist in carrying out repairs whilst avoiding or reducing your policy excess

Miscellaneous Costs
Out of pocket expenses that include medical prescriptions, travel costs and communication costs can also be recovered and claimed.

Roy Lloyd Vehicle Hire has an experienced team dedicated to helping you navigate the insurance process. Our team will gather all necessary documentation and information to assist you in the recovery of any costs. In the event of an accident, we strongly recommend you keep any receipts for out of pocket expenses.